Ngo Digital Program

An NGO Digitalization Program where you can get access to a network of donors & free digital assitance / Website for raising donations throughout the world.

Some of the Amazing NGO'S Who got benifited from us

About Our Intiative

We Help NGO'S Attract donations by letting people know about their work !

NGO Digital Program aims to Digitalise Legal NGO’s who are doing impactful work but do not have an action plan to make their story heard to everyone. We support these NGO’S in various forms such as tech support, marketing, supportive human Resource & an access to a community of donors accross the globe to scale and bring more impact with their work. The main intent behind this initiative behind to let everyone know that it is not only through charity one can make impact but one can also solve a problem of larger crowd and change millions of lives through their skillset and problem solving ability.



Likitha Madan

Program Head, NGO Digital Program

“I think the NGO digital program is a great approach to enhance the outreach and impact of an initiative. It feels great to be a part of an initiative that initiates other initiatives 🙂 ”

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