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The education Skill Edu program is focused on helping students from the Grassroot part of the country, helping them to learn digital skills for absolutely free of cost!

Students in different parts of the country do have access to the internet but they lack guidance as to how one can learn digital skills & execute them properly. Many courses out there in market are expensive which these student's can't access. That is exactly what we are trying to solve at this program, Helping them learn skills for free!

Rudhvik Dharamkar

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Our Vision
Our Vision is to Make this program reach every part of the country wherever the internet is available!

In India there is a heavy population & very little resources. Everyone have’s the hunger for learning digital life skills but none of them is actually able to access them as already the college tution fee’s are high & not everyone’s parent’s would allow them to get these extra courses . We identified this problem and are helping students by providing premium range of courses on various different skills for the cost of  “0”

Our Mission
To make learning accessible for everyone at the cost of "0".

We have been hugely inspired by the National skill development scheme launched by the government of India & decided to contribute to society at our own scale, potential and pace and launched this platform for students to access free courses with premium-level content instructed by the best industry experts!

Industry Experts

Meet The Instructors

Aashish Shah
Web Development/ Tech Instructor
Aishwarya Yelamarthi
Graphic Design Instructor
Utkarsh Tiwari
Video Editing Instructor
App Development Instructor
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